Our Story

Who We Are

MindQ Systems is an exciting start up aimed at providing quality education at a fraction of the price. We are a believer in technology being the key to upliftment of communities. Whether entering the field of technology or using it to aimed an empower people it is no doubt that software and computers in general are playing vital roles in the world right now more than ever. This reliance allows exciting fields of careers to prosper and some even only become created now. Using onsite , online and even kids programming courses we are able to reach every demographic and teach vital job demanding skills.

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What We Do

We teach various topics crafted by informed individuals with real world experience. We provide software testing, intro courses on programming, kids courses and a whole lot more. With a fraction of the cost of a traditional learning institution and turn around times minimised to a bare minimum our students can learn more, pay less and get into the field faster.